The Funtasty

Claire Coullon // The Funtasty

Client: The Funtasty

Work done: Logo-type design, custom lettering, colour exploration

Custom Logo-type

Custom typography logo design for The Funtasty, a newly launched Czech company that develops mobile applications. The group wanted to reflect the high quality, authentic quality of their work and team. Visually, they were looking for something fun but professional, casual, youthful and distinctive. It was important that the 'F' could work as a stand alone graphic to be used in icon format and that 'The' remained a clearly visible, prominent part of the name.

From the initial discussions and examples, I did some fast, rough drawings of the words numerous times to start looking at what sort of shapes and styles could work. I quickly opted for a single line composition as it allowed 'The' to be clearly interpreted as part of the whole name and not be overshadowed by the second word. These first drawings were drawn with a couple of tools, notably a wide Copic sketch pen and a medium brush tip marker. Once I had a couple of directions I was happy with, I worked on some pencil versions to adjust details like positioning on the baseline, letter spacing and stroke terminals.

Claire Coullon // The Funtasty Claire Coullon // The Funtasty

Above: Preliminary word drawings and refining the initial concept proposals.


The chosen direction was a contemporary brush-style design with a distinctive 'T-h' connection leading the eye into the logo. While the original lettering was drawn on a loosely curved baseline, it was revised to sit on a straight horizontal, giving it a sturdy and solid impression. Another major element I focused on was improving the 'F' to be less rigid and more cohesive with the rest of the letters. Its curvier tail also allows it to mirror the 'y' descender to create some additional continuity across the word.

Claire Coullon // The Funtasty

Above: Original version (top) with revision notes, followed by the new draft.

Further Development

From the final approved sketch, I then moved onto the vector version which allowed for more accurate refining of many of the details. One of the major issues was improving the 't' crossbars in 'Funtasty' to make them more dynamic and less cross-like. The first digital version featured some more interesting differences between the two, but overall they still remained rather static. There were also various issues with stroke weight, particularly in 'The' and 'F'.

Going back to paper, I drew out multiple variations for these crossbars and tried to solve the cross problem by making them distinctly longer on one side. I also paid particular attention the flow of the four crossbars across both words and their relation to one another. The following revised design also addressed some stroke weight issues in the original, particularly in 'The' and 'F'.

Claire Coullon // The Funtasty

Icon Version & Colours

Alongside the revisions to the lettering itself, we explored a range of colour palettes and adaptations of the 'F' as an icon. To address the friendly, personal and honest nature of the company, I focused on natural looking tones with accents of more vibrant colours.

Claire Coullon // The Funtasty

Above: Summary of some of the colour combination trials.

Final Logo

As part of the final adjustments, I revised the crossbar of the 't' above the 'n' so that it fits better, like the one over the 's'. This also allows for a little extra space between the end of the 'F' and beginning of the 't'. The weights throughout the letters were also checked and adjusted, particularly the 'F' which was a little too heavy in the previous version. See the sketches discussion and final refining on Dribbble. Business cards, stamp and web design below created by The Funtasty.

Lukáš Strnadel:

Working with Claire was a great experience. I really enjoy it. Claire is a so positive person with a first class attitude and with no surprise - result was superb!

Claire Coullon // The Funtasty Claire Coullon // The Funtasty Claire Coullon // The Funtasty Claire Coullon // The Funtasty