Selected Features — ECV Conference

I had the pleasure of being invited to speak to a group of students from L'École de Communication Visuelle in Lille, France during their study trip to Prague in May 2013. The school having just hosted the Type Director Club's travelling exhibition (TDC 58), the talk was centered around typography and letterforms in design, in particular with relation to logo design and branding.

Claire Coullon // ECV

As well as addressing how I approach the design process and idea development, we also talked more broadly about certain typographic styles and the demand for lettering, particular its use within branding for the tech industry and digital based platforms. The importance of sketching was another main topic which we reviewed as part of both client projects and personal exploration. Thanks very much to ECV (and for the pictures) and Hotel Fusion for the venue.

Claire Coullon // ECV Claire Coullon // ECV